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Sigma Moulds & Stampings Pvt. Ltd.

A Sigma Group Company
Quality & Certifications
"The work (operations) of our employees is customer focused to produce products that meet and exceed customer expectations"
  • Customer satisfaction through product quality
  • Zero defect in products & services
  • Continuous improvement in quality of both product and services. 
  • Task completion, correctly, the first time, on time.
  • Interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company.
  • Co-ordinated effort by all, towards the common company objectives
  • To meet customer demand (whether internal or external) in its entirety 

The certification of IATF-16949 and its scope includes processes like welding, tool designing & manufacturing and press work.
  • Plans & phase wise implementation, establishment of systems to control adequate resource allocation of product design & development.
  • Review the customer expectations, environmental standards, regulatory requirements, safety considerations, performance standards and functional specifications. 
  • Ensure the products performance under real world conditions.

Key Objectives
  • Leadership thru excellence
  • To be the leading OEM supplier to all our global customers
  • SCM Focus : In order to facilitate consistent quality and delivery
  • Quality Focus : 5-S, TPM, TQM, Cost of Quality analysis.
  • Cost Focus : Lean manufacturing, process re-engineering
  • ERP - Enterprise Resources Planning   a strategic tool to gain competitive edge by integrating all business process and optimizing the resources available
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